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Make Your Customers Happy

Advantages of Keeping Your Customers Happy

The most important advantage to keeping your customers happy is making a lot of money. Well, that, and the loyalty they’ll give you to make you that money. Your customers will keep on coming back if they are satisfied with your service. You develop their loyalty into something longlasting and valuable, and use that as a foundation to expand your business on.

Constant Communication Back and Forth

The first important thing that small businesses need to keep in mind is communication back and forth. There is no use for one-sided communication. If your customers are not responding to you then they may not be interested in you.

Constant communication puts you inside your customer’s mind, so you can always find out exactly what they want. You always have to stay abreast of all the news and the best way to do this is by communicating with your customers each day. Later on, you’ll build on from this foundation, and use it as a launchpad to sell to them.  

Personal Touch. Not Customer Care

The main advantage of a small business is that they themselves can stay in touch with their customers in a way big businesses just can’t. Unlike big corporate companies which employ hundreds of customer care representative to answer queries and complains of customers, small businesses can send an executive level employee to their customer’s home or office and talk to them personally. You don’t have to talk on the phone and meet your customers in person to find out what they are complaining about.

This way, customers will trust and remain loyal to you. Many big companies miss this, often because their client base is just too big to stay in touch with every day. 

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Flexible and Adjustable to Customer’s Needs

Small businesses can be very flexible and adjust to the demands of your customers. For example, if there is a product that they are not happy with and customers want to return it then you must be willing to take it back or return it with a better one. If you are providing other services and your customers are not happy with them, just return their money.

You shouldn’t hesitate in returning money to your customers because you gain their trust and they will return back to you again and again. Small businesses should be comfortable doing this.  

Always Follow-Up

Another way you can keep your customers happy is by keeping up with them. Follow up as a rule, and offer them real solutions to their problems. Remember, these people signed up for you to make their lives better. You can’t forget your customers who called you a week ago. You must remember them by their name and get to them personally or on phone and try to resolve all the issues.

This is what signifies a successful business. What makes it stand out. Small businesses do better at following up their customers compared to big businesses, as a general rule. There is no alternative to top notch service. Everything else is worthless if your service or product isn’t killer. People are savvy. They won’t be fooled into believing a stellar customer care experience makes up for subpar products. It will not matter if they aren’t getting the thing that makes their lives better.

Offer a solution, and deliver on your offer How good your sales pitch may be but it is of no consequence if you don’t have a solid product to back it up. So don’t compromise of the quality of your product or a service.  

What Your Customers Want?

How does one build a great product? In simple words you create a great product by knowing what exactly your customers want. You can’t create a product until you know everything about the target demographics and what problems is it going to solve.

Before you create a solution you need to do a lot of research and other fact-finding missions. Take feedback and comments to heart before you move on to development. Creating something valuable is difficult and you have to factor in dozens of things before you jump on it, so take their input into account.   

Art of Selling

Created an awesome product? Ready to sell it to customers? This could end up being very difficult if what you’re selling is, for instance, a little mediocre. Like we mentioned earlier, people are savvy, and you can’t things on them if they just don’t want them.

You have to be able to sell the benefits your product has to offer. Explain the unique selling point of your product, and how it bridges the value gap between you and them,

And do not afraid of using words like “free” while explaining your product. You also have to reduce all the friction points when they arise. The art of selling is a great thing and not everyone knows it.   Honesty and frankness are very Important for any small business. Your relationship with your customers must be on the basis of frankness. You can’t keep your customers in the dark about your product or other services just because you want to make money out of them. Your business will not succeed if you want to fleece money out of them.

Genuine businesses look out for long-term, not short-term gains. You must be honest about your product and business. Don’t hide anything your customers would like to know, ideally. Be honest and frank with your customers.   

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Small businesses do things differently to big corporate. Small businesses can have great advantages over big when it comes to dealing with customers. After reading all the above points it must be clear to you that small businesses have better chances at winning back their customers if some initials were not carried out. Small businesses get involved at a much lower level to their customers, building a personal rapport.

However, big corporate depends on customer care representatives. Small businesses can do many other things to make it more personal for their customers. You have complete flexibility and decision-making power that a sales representative working for a corporate does not have.  


Finally, I will conclude by saying that if you run or have a small business ideas then you have to keep the above-mentioned things in mind. If you do, you can turn your business around. The key to success is a decent product and extraordinary customer care. You must get involved, personally, with your customers. You will definitely stand out from your competition.

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