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There are fifteen minutes to go until the last episode of Game of Thrones ever. I’m not going to mince words: I am more excited than I ever thought I could be, and so should you be.

With that in mind, check our my list of the three wildest Game of Thrones theories for tonight’s episode below.

Arya, Jon Snow, or Grey Worm Assassinating Daenerys

In the Game of Thrones, you either win or someone gets you with a spear to head and you die horrifically. And sometimes, you play and then you die horrifically anyway.

After last week’s, ahem, incident with Dany and the incineration of King’s Landing, she’s got an old school hiding coming from one of our resident troupe of traveling murderers. But who might take home the prize of Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her face, the unsomething and mother of flying lizards’ head on a spike?

We have some suggestions:


GoT’s most recent episode, “The Bells” features the youngest living Stark, Arya, running madcap through the streets of King’s Landing as all hell falls down around her. She experiences Dany’s destruction first-hand, watching innocent men, women and children drop like flies all around her in spite of her best efforts.

Arya’s story arc has been one of revenge since the start, and even though the mountain told her to let it go in the last episode, we could see her donning the face of some unlucky adviser to Daenerys and making one last exception.

Grey Worm

Grey Worm swore his allegiance to Dany after she freed him from his former slave masters. He has been loyal to her from the first, but things have changed for everyone’s favorite bad ass eunuch.

He’s recently lost Missandei to Dany’s war on King’s Landing. He witnessed the death of thousands of innocent civilians at her hands. And he’s said he dislikes being on this side of the narrow sea. Maybe that’s all the motivation he needs to take matters into his own hands. To make decisions based on his own morality, not blind allegiances. To kill his once queen.

Jon Snow

I mean, obviously, right? Jon Snow may be many things: undead, Night’s Watch hero, Slayer of Wights, and, most recently, an incest guy, but the one thing he’s not is dishonorable.

And he just watched his queen burn an entire city and its occupants alive in spite of them surrendering. He has every reason in the world to execute her, kingslayer style now. Of course, that would also help transform him into Azor Ahai, the famed Prince Who Was Promised of Westerosi legend, which wouldn’t hurt in itself either, right? That would make Daenerys the truest threat to the world, instead of the Night King, wrapping everything up in a nice bow, so yeah – expect to see Jon standing over Dany’s lifeless corpse before the end of the show.

The Varys Poison Long Con

Episode five of season eight features a short scene where Varys receives a visit from one of his little birds. She tells him Daenerys isn’t eating, and he says “We’ll try again at supper”.

Because we’re all extremely smart fans, we took this as a clear sign the Spider was trying to poison the Mother of Dragons. But there is a theory that he could have successfully poisoned her in some other crafty way (after all, Varys didn’t just have the one bird, did he?) and that we might see Dany die from her poisoning in this last episode.

For precedent, just think of the time Cersei poisoned Obara the Sand Snake with something that could have killed her within days, weeks, or even months. Depending on the constitution of the person poisoned, this kind of thing can take any amount of time. Perfect for one last double cross by Varys from beyond the grave.

Hot Pie Takes The Throne

This last one is fan service to a few choice Game of Thrones lovers, and I am solidly among them. The theory is simple, but elegant:

Daenerys will die this episode. Drogon will live. And, once she’s gone, he’ll have no master to call his own (not that she ever was his master, don’t @ me). And in will step everyone’s favorite Westerosi cook, the ever-loveable Hot Pie.

Hot Pie will fill a trough full of his delicious salted pie meat and Drogon will come to him like a camel to an oasis, thirsty for meat. And his food will be so good, Drogon will become bound to him, now and forever. Making Hot Pie the last dragon rider, and an impossible challenge to beat for the Iron Throne.

Hot Pie becomes king. King’s landing rejoices. We all turn off our TVs for meat pies and tales about knight’s armor.

Sheer bliss.

Game of Thrones Theories: One Last Time

What are your favorite Game of Thrones theories about tonight’s episode? What are you hyped for? Sound off below!

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