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During any customer interaction, whether it’s three minutes or an hour, you leave something behind: a person who is either better or worse off than before meeting you. To build customer loyalty, it’s important to leave each person the former.

Your Interaction Checklist

Here are seven things you can do to make sure you have a positive interaction with your customers.

  • Ask them questions.
  • Wait for the answers. Some people need 20-30 seconds to formulate their response!
  • Listen to their answers. And we mean really listen. Imagine you’re them and try to really connect with what they’re saying.
  • Summarize what you hear them saying without judgment or adding your “story.”
  • Help them in some way. Can you solve a problem of theirs? Introduce them to something they didn’t know about before? Remember: you’re a source of expertise and insights to these people. Be useful as often as you can.
  • Close the discussion with a recap of actions or commitments that are next in line.
  • This is the part where most “sales pros” will say, “And remember to treat your customers how you’d like to be treated.” I disagree! We need to treat each customer how they would like to be treated – however that may be. Remember to always focus on WIIFT (What’s in it for Them?). How do we treat clients the way they would like to be treated, though? Pay attention to the pacing with which they speak, the words they use (look into thinking and feeling words) and what is important to them. Adjust your language, pace and focus to work with that understanding.

Use a simple mental scorecard at the end of each customer interaction and ask yourself one question: “Is this person better or worse off than before?” A yes or a no will allow you to adjust for your next contact.

Make Each Customer Interaction Worth It

What actions do you take to ensure each interaction with you leaves the other person better off? Let us know in the comments section below.

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