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Let’s face it: travel blogs start with “There are so many beautiful places to travel on our breathtaking green planet” are pretty boring. We all know there are lots of great beaches to snap photos of yourself in a Snapback and a half a bottle of spray tan. We’ve all seen that photo of Dan from Facebook in Maldova with his girlfriend leading him by the hand.

Do we really need another article reminding us the beach from that movie, “The Beach” was pretty sexy, and maybe we should book a ticket? Dan from Facebook didn’t. Dan from Facebook just went, because Dan from Facebook takes risks. When was the last time you took a risk?

But there are reasons to get out there and check out some of these incredible locations beyond all that. One of the foremost being that many of them are actually slowly crumbling out of existence. Some of the most beautiful places to see, slowly dissolving into nothing so you can never vacation there again

Yeah, pretty dramatic. Maybe think about your next vacation the next time you don’t drive a hybrid, you Earth enemy. Dan from Facebook drives a Prius

Ahem. So, join us today, as we bring you our breakdown of three beautiful places to visit before they are gone forever.

Visit the Galapagos Islands on our list of places to see before they disappear.

The Galapagos Islands

For a picture-perfect vacation, the Galapagos Islands have the Charles Darwin seal of approval. Tourism is sloping upward at around 12% annually, which is handy for travelers but not so much for the environment. With hotels, restaurants and huge numbers of motor vehicles flooding into the islands, the local landscape has taken a knock in recent years.

There’s also the problem of local animals. Workers have trafficked wildlife into and off of many of the islands, unbalancing the local ecosystems. Cruise ships, meanwhile, have brought many rats to the island, further contributing to its decline.

The Maldives

That’s right, the Maldives. Famed vacation destination for wistful bar rats and single moms whose kids have just left home for the first time. This is the lowest nation in the world, comprised of 1,200 unique islands. And, despite how beautiful that might sound, it’s also no more than 1 m above sea level at any given point. And that’s going to be trouble within the next 100 years.

The islands are predicted to be uninhabitable in the next century, with the president declaring in 2008 that the government would actually buy land in other countries, for future mass relocation. So if you’re going to splash around in God’s most pristine toilet cistern, you’d best do it before somebody flushes.

Too mean? That was probably too mean. You get what I mean, though – that joke was just laying there. Let’s move on to the last of our places to see before the seeing gets tough!

Visit Venice on our list of places to see before they disappear.


If there’s one vacation city that’s been counting down its inevitable disappearing act for generations, it’s Venice. Built on top of sediments that have been steadily compacting, compounded with flooding and rising water levels, the city is sinking. Pay a visit there today, and you’ll find bookshops with sandbags stacked by the doors, sand shops with books stacked by the door, and other, more normal shops. Our point is, these people live ankle deep in water, and it’s just getting worse.

With floods on the rise and submersion clocking in at around 9 inches in the last 100 years, Venice is not long for this world. So hop on a gondola, turn your radio dial to Ave Maria, and take a trip through the City of Water before it’s too late!

And there we have it: three places to see before they disappear off the face of the planet. For more lifestyle blogs from the most interesting place on the Internet, make sure to check back in with Dangerpedia, soon.

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