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In the business world, size and output are simple math. Big businesses have big impacts. Smaller businesses, less so, right? Well, not necessarily.

Your perspective on your own impact actually makes a big difference. Let’s take a look at the core question: can you have an effective business impact when your business is small?

Yes! You Can!

Call me an optimist, but time and time again, I’ve seen small businesses make real impacts on the world around them. If you’re still skeptical, I understand but, please, read on.

Size Doesn’t Matter When It Comes To Impact

When I first started my business 22 years ago, I didn’t begin just by learning the ropes in finance and marketing and setting up systems. Along with all that, I used a visioning guide.

The book and the mentor I had at the time led me through a process of defining what was important to me in my business. What I valued, and how I wanted to impact as well. I wanted a business, even though it was small, that made a real contribution to the lives of people, every day.

With clarity of purpose, you can make a substantial impact with your small business. Imagine the effect a focus on impact can have on how you treat suppliers, employees, or vendors. You already have an impact, just based on how you show up and the way in which you treat your clients. How you show up for every person in your business is the cornerstone of your business impact.

Taking Your Business Impact Further

You and your business have so much to offer even when you’re small. Your awareness of that informs you and your business’ growth.

Are you making the impact you want to make? If not, you can change what you offer and how you offer it, making small adjustments until you are aligned with your own desires and what people want.

Is Impact All That Important?

We often think about companies and organizations like non-profits as being the ones concerned with their impact. A phrase I use a lot, these days, is, ‘impact: it’s not just for social enterprises anymore’.

Many small businesses successfully operate in this way, with their focus on the impact they want to have. As a matter of fact, these businesses actually do better than their competitors who may only focus on profit, because their brand sticks in the public consciousness.

Being conscious about the impact you want to have means you can exercise it. That’s why I have a process that my clients go through to define their intended impact. When you’re conscious about the impact you want to have, you can make decisions in your business, and your life, that reflect your desired impact.

Show up to business every day with that in mind, and you’ll make the difference you want to make.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this has left you thinking. Your impact doesn’t have to be limited by the size of your company. You can have an impact in and with your startup or your existing small business.

You already make an impact just by how you show up. Now you’ll have the mindset you need to carry that even further.

Do you want your impact to revolve around how much profit you made during your short time on this earth? Or do you want to improve the world, and leave it a little better than how you found it? Because the great thing is, you can.

By making the business impact you want to make conscious, your impact will grow as you make decisions that allow you to put that intended impact into action.

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